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Our mission

The main idea behind our Fursa Tanzania Projects are to create placements for volunteers in fields, where they actually have experience and knowledge and where they can help improve the lives of others as well as gaining both personal and professional expertise. During the last couple of years we have seen a bad circle of volunteering where young and inexperienced volunteers are being sent to placements - particularly hospitals - where they have no expertise or they are being sent to placements, that in some cases do more harm than good. This is the reason, we require our volunteers to be enrolled in an education, that fits the description of the work placements in order to volunteer there. We hope, that this can be a step in the right direction.

When you look through our projects you may notice, that at least a few of them are located in the same area, as we live in - Daraja Mbili - and this is no coincidence. We wanted to find placements, where the work is really needed and to find placements where they in fact want the volunteers instead of money or other material things. And in Daraja Mbili, the work is indeed needed.

All in all, we are trying our best to aide the right people with the proper knowledge to the right places, where the help is wanted and needed! If you like our mission, please read more about us in the section beneath and look through our current projects. And if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Who we are

We, Junior Jackson and Cathrine Grande, are the hearts and souls behind the Fursa Tanzanian Projects. 

The idea to begin this organization was originally Junior's. As he has been running the hostel The White House of Tanzania for years, he learned how many people had a desire to help and who sincerely had a wish to make a change where it was needed. Through the friendships and experiences made with guests at all ages and with various nationalities, Junior decided to initiate the groundwork for this organization to create solutions for people to help.

He involved Cathrine, his girlfriend, who initially came to Tanzania as a volunteer herself. She saw with her own eyes the corruption, that can take place in orphanages and other placements during her multiple trips to Tanzania and concluded, that another way of helping is necessary in order to end this corruption. Junior and Cathrine therefore quickly agreed, that a sustainable way of volunteering and giving back to the community could be a way to end this bad circle of "volunturism", where unqualified young volunteers unfortunately do more harm than good.

Why choose to volunteer with us?

From these ideas, Fursa Projects quickly began to develop and as a newly established organization, we are still developing and adding more placements for our good cause. Our main idea is to bring volunteers with knowledge and experience in different fields, where they can both benefit and learn from a new environment as well as share their educational knowledge in order to create new solutions.

The rest of our team

Listed below you will find pictures and short descriptions of our White House family, which you will become a part of during your stay. As we have been running the White House Hostel for years, we are experts in making our guests feel welcome and to feel at home. We understand, that many find it quite big to move to Tanzania for a longer period of time, but we promise that we will take good care of you! 

Johnson Jackson,tour operator
Jane Jackson,
Julieth Jackson