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Spread around the town you will find various little supermarkets, where all things for everyday use can be purchased. A lot of these supermarkets are located around a central roundabout in Arusha, which we call the clock tower (in the roundabout there is a tall clock, hence the name). Here you will also find multiple ATM's, where money can be withdrawn 24 hours a day. Besides the supermarkets, you will also find pharmacies, bookstores, printing facilities and shops for purchasing sim-card in this area of town. In the outskirts of town you will find the newly opened AIM-mall with stores for clothing, food, electronics and much more. Here is also a cinema, where you can go to watch the latest movies at affordable prices.  

If you wish to visit the more authentic markets, Arusha has plenty if these too. Only 15 minutes walk from the White House is a big food-market where you can buy everything from beef and alive chickens to avocados at the size of a coconut. Even though we serve 3 meals in our hostel, which is included in the price, you shouldn't miss out on the experience of visiting the market and maybe buying some few fresh fruits or what else you might be craving. Just be aware of the mamas selling the food, they can be tough on their prices!

Just next to this food paradise you will find a thrift shop heaven, where you can purchase almost everything you would desire. From Air Jordans to adidas tracksuits to Puma slippers to wedding dresses to Louis Vuitton suitcases - you can find it in Krokon, which is the name of this clothing mekka. As in any second hand market, you must be patient to find the real treasures as the amount of small shops and the hustle of the salesmen can be quite overwhelming. But we promise you, that once you walk home with your unique item, it will be worth the struggle. 

As for souvenirs, we have our big crafts market also called Masai market. This is also located about 15 minutes from the White House on the way to town and is definitely worth a visit. Here you can purchase beautiful pantings and jewelry, sculptures, everyday items and clothes all handmade by the local craftsmen. So when you remember all the souvenirs that you forgot to buy on the last day of your travel, this is definitely the place to go! 


Arusha has TONS of cafes, restaurants and bars spread around all over town. So depending on your mood and cravings, you have many options for dining out. If you are looking for a place to relax with a delicious juice in the afternoon, our favorites are Fifi's restaurant and Africafe, which are both located around clock tower, 15 minutes walking from the White House.

On the contrary, if you are looking to go out for dinner (even though we serve delicious food included in the price), we have a few personal favorites. Georges Tavern is a delicious Greek restaurant with meals almost at the size if a buffet. From delicious pizzas, Greek salads with feta cheese and pita-bread with falafel - you will find it all here. Are you on the other hand in the mood for barbecue, there's only one place to go and that is Khan's Barbecue. This buffet with Indian food located just on the street is definitely worth a visit with their spicy lamb, delicious sides and always friendly service. And finally, if you are in the mood for pizza, you should visit Bravo Pizza - they even deliver, which makes them lifesavers on a warm day with hangover!

Besides the few choices we mention above, Arusha offers a variety of food such as Mexican, Chinese, sushi, burgers and of course there are plenty of small street kitchens that serves delicious Tanzanian food too. 


With its big expat community and even bigger community of volunteers, there's quite the nightlife to experience. From karaoke-nights at Empire Sportsbar to dancing until 5 in the morning at Via-Via club to listen to reggae at Caribbean-night at Le Patio, Arusha has a lot to offer. So if your desire is either to drink some beers and smoke some hookah or to dance until the sweat is dripping from your face, there is plenty of possibility for both. Just remember to always act with caution and only travel around with taxis at night to ensure your own safety!


Here from the White House we can easily help our guests and volunteers to arrange many different day-trips. Weather your wish is to dance with the Masai and slaughter a goat or take the hike to the beautiful Mt. Meru waterfall or to visit and swim in the unique hotsprings, we can arrange and help you with all of it. The three examples are just few of the possibilities Arusha has to offer - once you arrive, we will help you plan the trip of your dream. 


When you are volunteering in Arusha, the workday usually ends around lunch-time or early afternoon, which means that you are free to do what you wish. Besides visiting the markets mentioned earlier, we here give you a few suggestions of things to do after work.

In the warm weather here in Tanzania, it can be well needed to cool down in a cold swimming pool. Most of the hotels in town offers guests from outside the hotel to use the pool for a small fee. This way you and your friends can get to relax after a day of work.

If you are more adventurous and in the mood for an activity, we recommend you to go to Lake Duluti just outside of Arusha, rent a canoe and paddle around the lake for some hours while watching the birds and monkeys along the shore. This relaxing experience will help you gain energy for the rest of your work-week. 

In case if rainy weather, Arusha has one museum to offer - the Museum of Nature and Wildlife. It doesn't take many hours to walk through, but it can be a fun and different activity. Or you can pay a visit to the Cultural Heritage Center, which is a gallery that has many small shops to visit too.