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We focus on the following types of

Diseases and lack of proper health care is a big issue in Arusha. The few dispensaries and clinics are therefore in great need of a helping hand. If you are studying medicine or to be a nurse or midwife and wish to volunteer in medical placement, then click the button below and learn more about the project!

As many parents struggle to find help to watch their kids, the Cheka day care is receiving many children and are always in the need of more hands to help out. If you want to work with kids and you wish to volunteer at least 3 weeks period of time, then click the button and learn more about the placement! 

We here in Fursa believe, that proper education is the foundation in every bright future. If you are studying to become a teacher, for children of all ages, and wish to expand your horizon, click the button below and learn more! 

Mental health is an important and underexposed subject, especially in developing countries. Are you studying psychology or social work and would you like to get unique experience as well as help create more awareness about the subject? Then click the button below and read more! 

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