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Ndorbo village public hospital

Located at the outskirts of Arusha city, approximately an hour drive from the White House, lies the village of Ndorbo. The village itself houses hundreds of people and the surrounding areas accommodate many thousands - mostly from the Masai-tribe, which origins from the Arusha region. To attend all these people, the village currently only has one health facility, the Ndorbo Public Hospital.

The hospital itself consist of two separate buildings, which are the clinic building and the hospital building. The two buildings are located almost next to each other and only differ from each other by the departments and which patient groups, they attend to.

The clinic attend mostly to women. It consists of a small common waiting area, a delivery room, an examination room and an own room for family planning. The delivery room has only a single bed, which in no way is enough for the amount of patients coming to the hospital. This unfortunately means that many women are sent home with their newborn baby immediately after the delivery without proper examination or guidance. The examination room is mostly used for attending to HIV-positive patients, both men and women. The patients come to the clinic for a monthly checkup to receive their medication, but due to the lack of facilities, many have to leave the clinic after a long wait without any examination at all. 

The family planning mainly consists of advising about and aiding the women with different means of contraception. Further more, the clinic tries to give out lectures during the morning hours about HIV, the disease itself and how to prevent the spread.

The hospital attend to basically everything else. As the health facility is located in a more rural area, this facility is basically the only health facility the many thousand people in the area are able to reach since the majority travel by foot. The hospital therefore has a small dispensary for medicine and a few examination rooms with limited means, where they try their best to aid the patients or to refer them to a bigger or more specialized facility in town. Infectious diseases (such as malaria, diarrhea, typhoid fever, yellow fever), non-communicable diseases (diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension), traumas, heritable diseases (sickle cell disease, cancer) and burns are just few examples of patient cases the hospital deals with.

To attend both the clinic and the hospital, the village has only one qualified doctor and 4 qualified nurses. This unfortunately means that the staff in no way can attend to the amount of patients seeking help everyday. This is why we need volunteers like you! This project is part of our out-reach health program. We are looking for students (nursing, medicine and midwifery) who are far enough in their education to have the knowledge and experience to aid the staff in treating the patients. As the staff is very limited we are seeking volunteers, who have the experience and qualification to help with treatment and who have knowledge enough to help suggest possible diagnoses. This placement is not a permanent one, since the location of the village is far from the White House - once a week, we have agreed that volunteers will join the staff and help them the best they can. This placement can therefore be combined with one of our other hospital placements - the idea is then, that you as a volunteer will be spending 4 days a week in one of our hospitals in town and the last day you will go to the village and aid the staff in doing checkups. In the village, your arrival will be announced a few days ahead so the most people can be attended to, which means that the village-days will be quite stressful!

If you have any questions about the village hospital or about which requirements are needed to be assigned to this placement, please contact us for more information.