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Please fill out this form and press "submit" at the bottom of the page.

In order to find the most suitable working place for you, kindly also send a "Letter of motivation" to fursaprojects@gmail.com in which you tell us a bit about yourself, your previous experience and about why you'd like to become a volunteer. Please include a photo of yourself so our coordinator in Tanzania will be able to recognize you upon arrival in the airport in Arusha.


As we in our placements are seeking volunteers, who are enrolled in an educational facility within the field, they wish to volunteer in, we also require enrollment from your university. If you wish to volunteer in the medical field, we furthermore require a list of passed courses to make sure, you are fit to be working in the field. 

For all our placements, we also require criminal records of the volunteers. 

So, to sum it up shortly: 

Fill out the forms on the bottom of the page and submit it, there after please write us an email containing a letter of motivation including your previous experience, a copy of your university enrollment documents (+ list of passed courses for medical volunteers) and finally a copy of criminal records. 

One might wonder why we require so many documents and so detailed knowledge about our volunteers, but it is simply to assure the quality of work, we are providing to our placements. The whole idea with Fursa Projects is to help suited volunteers to find work in fields that fits them and their qualifications - therefore it is a must for us to know these information. 

After receiving your enrollment, we'll send you a confirmation via e-mail to ensure you that we have received your submission.   

As soon as our coordinator in Tanzania has secured the optimal working place for you, we'll send you further information about the work and accommodation. If you have any questions about your upcoming stay, please go through out FAQ sections as well as What to do in Arusha, where we have listed the basic information and the answers to many of the questions, we know by experience that you might ask us. If you don't find the answer to your specific question, please write us! 


There's no upfront payment - instead you will be charged a deposit worth 15% of the total amount - this depending on the length of your stay.We require the deposit approx. 14 days after enrollment.
The remainder of the fee should typically be paid 6-8 weeks before arrival in Tanzania through bank transfer, which we will provide you the details for in your confirmation. 


You're always more than welcome to contact us if you've got questions/comments along the way - we are more than happy to help you out in planning your stay!