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Integrity school is a small school located in the Daraja Mbili area, only about 10 minutes walk from the White House. It is a very small school with 6 classrooms all facing a little courtyard. The school is very basic and poorly kept, but it is run by very amazing staff who makes up for any material lack with their teaching.

In Tanzania, the school system is divided into three separate parts: preschool, primary school and secondary school. The department of Integrity school located  in Daraja Mbili is the preschool and primary school. The preschool works mostly as a day care/kindergarten where children from the age of 2-3 years up to 6 years are being taught the alphabet, basic math and other playful activities.

The primary school hosts children from the age of 6 years to around the age of 14. In this age, the children are learning math, English, Kiswahili, science, biology, geography and many more subjects.

We are looking for volunteers enrolled in a teaching facility, who are interested in working at the Integrity school for a period of time. As the school is is an English medium school, all subjects are taught in English, which means that you as a volunteer can assist or be teaching in all of the subjects, depending on your expertise. Besides these bookish subjects, the school also allows space for creativity and sports, in which fields you are also more than welcome to participate.

The Integrity School is divided into two different teaching facilities. The first one, located in Daraja Mbili and pictured in the pictures above, hosts the children from class 1 to 4, with children approximately at the age of 6 to 9/10 years old. The other part is located in Mkono and hosts the children attending class 5 up to class 7, in which the children are approximately 10-14 years old - this part is shown in the pictures below. Class 5 and 6 will every morning meet at the school in Daraja Mbili and travel together in school-buses to Mkono and after finishing their classes, the buses will transport the children back to Daraja Mbili from where they can return home. Class 7 lives in a different facility and is therefore attending boarding school.

Your day as a volunteer will therefore differ a little depending if you wish to teach the youngest children in Daraja Mbili or the older students in Mkono.

A typical day in Daraja Mbili:

As a teacher, you will be required to meet at school at 8 AM for the morning classes. These will continue up until lunchtime (with breaks in between depending on age), where the children will have a longer pause to eat and play with each other. Afterwards, the classes continue to around 3 or 4 (again depending on age). Hereafter you are off work and able to walk back to the hostel in few minutes. Depending on your skills, experiences and wishes, you will decide with the teaching staff which subjects are suitable for you.

A typical day in Mkono:

As Mkono is about 30-40 minutes out of town, you will be riding with the school-buses to and from school every day. It is therefore important that you will be at Daraja Mbili in time to catch the bus, which leaves 7:30 every morning. Upon your arrival at the school, you will teach the children until lunchtime the same was as in Daraja Mbili, where you will be provided lunch and have a break with the children. After lunch, the teaching continues until either 3 PM, where the first bus leaves and returns back to Daraja Mbili or 4:30 PM, where the last bus leaves. From Daraja Mbili you can walk back to the hostel within few minutes.

Your teaching subjects will in the same way as in Daraja Mbili be something to decide with the permanent teaching staff.

Also in this school, we are only looking for volunteers who are enrolled in a teaching facility, who have experience with teaching. As the school covers all ages we are looking for volunteers for all the school parts and hopefully a wide spread of subjects. If you have any questions about a typical school-day or about the placement in general, please contact us for more information!