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Who can volunteer in the daycare?

The answer is anyone who has a heart, that cares for children. As the daycare is run by 3 educated teachers, we don't require the volunteers to have a certain degree of education to volunteer at this placement. You must however be minimum 18 years and provide a clean criminal record when applying for volunteering with us. If you do however have previous experience of working with children, this will only be an advantage.

The meaning of Cheka

Fursa is all about making sustainable solutions and making an beneficial impact on the local community, which is why we require our volunteers to be at the placement at least 3-4 weeks. The reason for this is, that we wish to create as much consistency for the children in the daycare as possible. Volunteers are more than welcome to work at Cheka even longer, as there is no maximum limit to this placement. Cheka means "laughter", which is was we wish our volunteers to be spreading. Please contact us by look through our "Join Fursa" section to get involved!

Why daycare?

Cheka used to be a  school, but is now a newly established daycare system in Arusha for the low-income families. The daycare is a place, where parents can leave the kids for the day while they leave for work, and then pick them up again in the evening - just as any daycare system in Europe or America. However, this opportunity is rare in developing countries, which is why Fursa is more than thrilled to be supporting this sustainable solution as an alternative to the many orphanages in or around Arusha. This daycare is keeping the families together instead of splitting them op and where the kids will be under supervision by experienced teachers - and you, if this sounds like something you wish to be apart of!

A typical day at the daycare

The daycare houses about 20 kids with ages varying from 1-5 on a daily basis. The parents will drop of the kids in the morning, where they will be provided with breakfast. Here after the day typically goes with different educational activities, both teaching and playful. The youngest children will be putted down for a nap before lunch and after all the children will be provided with a lunch meal. As a volunteer, your job is to show love and care for the children as well as helping out with the daily routine. Our volunteers are also more than welcome to help put with planning and organizing the daily activities. All in all, this work is about showing love and care for the children and to take good care of them, while their parents are unavailable.