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(White House of Tanzania)



The White House

of Tanzania

Your new home

During your stay you will be accommodated in the coziest and most friendly hostel in Arusha, The White House of Tanzania. Junior and the rest of the staff mentioned in the "About" section have been running the hostel with great success for 5 years. Not only are they running the hostel, the whole family lives on the hostel site as well, which means that during your stay you will be welcomed as part of the family.

The hostel consists of various room types differing from double rooms, twin rooms with separate beds, triple rooms, quadruple rooms and finally an 8-person dorm room, which are all facing a common courtyard with couches, pillows and a daytime bed for chilling during the warm afternoons in Arusha. The common area is also where our guests, both volunteers and travelers, will come together and enjoy their meals. In the house, breakfast, lunch and dinner is all included in the prices and is eaten together in the courtyard. We find these times to be a good possibility for our guests to share experiences and ideas and even to plan future trips together.

The bathrooms in the house are all shared, which means that the rooms don't have individual bathrooms. The bathrooms are located at the end of the courtyard and consists of bathroom booths with both shower and toilets. And compared to many other Tanzanian accommodations, we always have warm showers to offer! 

In case that you think that's it! well not yet The white House is one of the biggest Hostel you can find in Arusha, well we try our best to make every one who stay with us feel like their at home(especially for our volunteers who are coming back from long working days) then you will need to be a place with relax spirit, well apart from the nicest courtyard you could hangout also you can be outside the white house where you can find the sickest and amazing garden you can find in arusha, This is the place for a nice river view, the bar, fire place, movie nights and more, Also we have just launch our huge kitchen(If your home sick), where you will be able to sometimes get to make some of your own food in the oven(like:-pizza etc) and apart from that you will get some cooking classes where you will learn how to make the african food we serve in the house by your self!

Location wise, the White House is only 15 minutes walk from the central city, where you will find cafes, ATM's, shops and restaurants. Our hostel is located in an area called Daraja Mbili, which is a more authentic Tanzanian area than the ones you will find in central town, but perfectly safe. Our guests are more than welcome to walk anywhere during daytime, but at nighttime it is no longer safe to walk on foot (this is the case all over Arusha). However, it is very easy to arrange taxis or other kinds of transportation to the White House during nighttime.

Included in your accommodation price, you will also find a good functioning WIFI at all times, so you can easily communicate with your friends and family at home.

Check out the White House webiste:- https://www.whitehouseoftanzania.com/

Our rooms


The three daily meals included in your accommodation price is prepared from fresh groceries everyday and served to our guests at the given mealtimes. Our chefs are Tanzanian, which means that the meals usually consists of local dishes. The breakfast consists of toasted bread with a side of eggs and fruits, while the lunch and dinner are usually either a side of rice, potatoes or pasta served with maharage (beans), choroko (lentils), mboga mboga (vegetable stew), makande (beans and maize) or either beef or chicken prepared in various ways.

In case of any allergies or intolerance or other special needs, feel free to let us know and we will try our best to come up with an alternative for you. As said earlier, all these meals are included in the price but our guests are free to leave the house and go out for dinner whenever - all we ask is that you let us know to prevent unnecessary food wastage. 

In the White House we have a small bar that sells cold water, soda and beer for affordable prices.